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Travel Support

Three Rivers AHEC offers travel support to relieve some of the financial burden from commuting students who train in our

28 county region and attend Georgia-based educational institutions provided funds are available.  


  • Eligible students must be enrolled in an approved health professional program and completing a community-based education rotation in an AHEC region in Georgia.

  • Students are prohibited from receiving both housing and travel support simultaneously.

  • Students who travel at least 25 miles outside of the county of their campus location are eligible for travel support.  Students who travel at least 25 miles from their current address to their clinical rotation site are also eligible for travel stipends. 

  • Students must request reimbursement from the regional AHEC within 30 days of completion of rotation.

  • Academic institutions may not request/submit travel stipend requests on behalf of students.

  • Eligible rotations are a minimum of 8 sequential days.  Rotations from 8-19 days are eligible for a $50 travel stipend, and rotations 20+ days are eligible for a $100 travel stipend.

  • Travel stipends are provided to students on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is not guaranteed for any academic year.  AHEC funding and travel support are based on state and federal funds, community partnerships, and organization grants.  Changes to the distribution and availability of funds can occur regionally during the academic year based on these funding sources. 

Recruitment, Training and Retention of Health Care Professionals

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