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Our service area is bordered by the

Chattahoochee, Flint and Ocmulgee Rivers.

The mountains start here. The land ends here too. Georgia is a state of variety and contrast. 

The people who live here are as diverse as the landscape, and each one deserves access to quality health care. 

Three Rivers AHEC is a community-driven, non-profit organization and through our vision, mission, values and guiding

principles, we assist our communities in “growing their own” health care professionals to meet their health care needs.

Since 1994, we have served 28 counties in west central Georgia from our headquarters in Columbus,

and our efforts place special emphasis on rural and underserved areas.  


Sustaining the healthcare workforce through RN re-entry and continuing education programs in collaboration with our community partners



Facilitating community-based clinical training experiences for health professions students by connecting future physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses and other healthcare providers with our communities


Preparing youth and adults for careers in healthcare by expanding their views of the world of health careers and inspiring them to

pursue the path of becoming healthcare professionals

Recruitment, Training and Retention of Health Care Professionals

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